Norris Ferry CrossingHome Owners Association

For those new to Norris Ferry Crossing (NFC), welcome to the subdivision. For those veterans of the neighborhood, please reach out and meet your new neighbors.

While the Homeowners’ Association board focuses on maintaining and enforcing the neighborhood covenants and other matters relevant to increasing property values, all residents are encouraged to help keep the neighborhood safe and clean.

A request from your neighbors...

I've been approached by a number of your neighbors to bring the following issues to your attention:


Trash Cans - Trash cans should be stored in your garage or around the back of your house or behind your backyard gate. It has been noted that trash cans stored in front of your houses or on the side of your houses is unsightly.


Street Parking - Street parking is to be used on a temporary basis. Please don't leave your vehicles parked on the street when your driveways or garages are available. If you have to park on the street, please be aware of other parked vehicles and try not to park directly across from another vehicle. There are a number of large trucks (delivery, moving companies, & utilities) that need access to the neighborhood during the day and evenings and street parking makes it very difficult for these vehicles and others. We all know our streets are narrow so please, just be considerate of others.

      Recent News:

      HOA Board of Directors

      and Committee Chair Members:


      • President

        Courtney Lowry -             

      • Vice President

        Christine Chisolm

      • Treasurer

        Jennifer Browning -  

      • Secretary

        Lisa Dyess

      • Director and Property Standards Chair

        Chris Taylor

      • Director

        Sam Ziegler

      • Activities Committee Chair

        Amy Horne Williams

      • Architecture Committee Chair
        VACANT - Please contact the President to volunteer!

      • Communications Committee Chair

        VACANT - Please contact the President to volunteer!

      • Property Standards Committee Chair

        Chris Taylor

        Report concerns to:

      • Welcoming Committee Chair

        Lisa Dyess

      • Past President

        Jeff Chisolm

      Did You Know?


      No fence or wall shall be constructed higher than six (6) feet...and any fence or wall higher than two (2) feet requires the prior approval of the Architectural Control Committee.

      (Covenant:Article V, Section 15)


      Trucks exceeding 3/4 tons and recreational vehicles (to include boats) shall not be permitted to park on the street, driveways, or lots overnight.

      (Covenant: Article V, Section14)


      Cars shall not be parked on the streets overnight.

      (Covenant:Article V, Section 14)


      The association has the right to regulate policies concerning pets' usage of the common areas. Be a good neighbor... if your pet makes a mess, please clean it up.

      (Covenant:Article V, Section 11)


      The posted speed limit is 17 mph. Please obey speed limit and STOP at the stop signs!